Dispel the darkness spread by coronavirus by lighting a Candle, Diyas, Flash Torch Light or Mobile Flash Light  at 9:00 pm on 05th April: Governor
Jaipur.  Governor Kalraj Mishra has appealed to the people to light candles, lamps, mobile lights or torches for 9 Minutes at 09:00 PM on 05th April . The Governor said that during this time switch off all the lights of your house.


Governor Kalraj Mishra specifically asked citizens to not step out of their houses during this exercise, do it at the doorstep or balconies of your own homes. The Governor said that the crowd should not be gathered nor the family members have to stand nearby. Mr. Mishra has requested people to maintain social distance. The Governor said that candle, diyas, mobile light or torch must be lit for nine minutes while maintaining social distance.


The Governor said that this is the call of the Prime Minister of the country, every person have to actively participate by maintaining social distancing. Shri Kalraj Mishra said that this will infuse collective power. He said that this collective effort will prove to be an effective step in defeating this global epidemic.


Governor Kalraj Mishra said that We must end the darkness and uncertainty emanating from the crisis, by progressing towards light and certainty. People of all religions and all castes will have to come forward for this. The Governor said that prevention is the only effective way to get rid of the epidemic like Coronavirus. The Governor said that the residents have shown endurance in this crisis, being the first citizen of the state he expressed his gratitude to the citizens.